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The Storage Station is the top local public storage facility. Whether you want to store an RV or personal belongings, we have a storage unit to fit your needs. We offer storage for both residential and commercial use. Various sizes are available to store house hold goods, campers, or boats.

We offer 24 hour access to all of our storage units. Each unit features on site lighting and security cameras. We have 10 different sized units to choose from, available for outdoor or indoor use. The Storage Station is conveniently located near the highway in Concord, New Hampshire in Merrimack County. We have locks, boxes, and packing materials available for your use.

Corcord NH Self Storage
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Storgage Station

Tips on packing your self-storage unit

Self storage is a must in order to organize things in your home. But doing it comes with challenges and you need to learn how to do it properly to ensure that you do it right while maximizing spaces at the same time. You need to know how to organize items and where to keep them and how to sort them out. Here are some tips on how to maximize self storage at home.

When cleaning items in the room you should dispose those that are no longer of value to you and make a list of those you want to keep and categorize them. This will help you easily store items of similar category on the same storage container.

When selecting storage boxes stick to 2 sizes only. This will be easier to stack them up later.

Label the boxes to easily retrieve them later on after self storage.

Make sure to store something heavy inside the box in order to prevent the box from collapsing during storage. It will make the box stable.

When you are organizing freezers and refrigerator for self storage, store them with the doors slightly open.

Keep the electrical appliances in the storage unit dry before storing them.

Drain washing machines for storage.

As much as possible when you are storing fragile and breakable items pack them in bubble wraps for better protection while storing them.

Use cloth when wrapping items instead of a plastic.

Make a plan for your self storage unit. This is essential to help you organize things from the start.

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